Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ten off my Bucket List

Ten things I'd love to do:

1.) One day I'd like to actually smack the girl that's always complaining that about being fat. It always crosses my mind as it occurs, but one day I'd like to actually do it and just get it over with. I won't hold back or anything. Maybe getting smacked in the face would help her get over the whining.

2.) I would love to drop everything and move somewhere across the world. Maybe rent a quaint little cottage somewhere and ride my bike aimlessly in search of all the great foods in the village. For that whole year, I would live by my stomach's desires and eat as if I was going to die the next day.

3.) One day I would like to publish a book, and regardless of the success, it will be an accomplishment I would be proud of because I wrote it. (But I hope it will be #1 in the NY Times!)

4.) I would like to one day own a house. I don't want a new house. It must be an old house that has history and charm. I will paint walls, build a front porch, I'll roof if I have to. The house that I own must have history and also a front porch. The thought of restoring something old into something beautiful sounds charming.

5.) I'd like to see Alaska and all that it has to offer.

6.) One day I would like to write an inspirational letter, place it in a bottle and throw it in the ocean in hopes that it would one day be found and brighten someone's day.

7.) It might be nice to have lobster in Maine before I die.

8.) I would like to balance my inner spirit and master meditation sessions. (Yes, still working on this one).

9.) Scuba diving the great barrier reef in Australia sounds appealing.

10.) Die happily, knowing I never passed up dessert!


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