Sunday, February 20, 2011

burning fiasco

Today Galarde and I helped Caroline with her art project. The assignment was to make a 3D city out of paper. After painting the base and gluing all of the buildings down, Caro, Galarde and I walked outside the Phi Mu with a lighter in hand. If everyone in the class has the same assignment, Caro's had to have an edge to it. The idea was to burn some of the edges of the buildings to make the city look smoldered and burnt.
One should always be careful when playing with fire; this I have discovered. All was going as planned as we lit leaves on fire and blew them out to creat a charcoaled look around the base of the buildings. It took a really long time for fire to ignite. We blazed the tops of the buildings making the paper buildings sizzle in uneven edges. As soon as Caro lit the tops of the buildings with the lighter, Galarde's job was to blow the fire out. I also, helped with this job. It was a tedious task because we only blew the fire out when the artist, Caroline, told us it was appropriatly burnt. This part was fun.

As Caro is lighting and we are blowing the blaze out, all of a sudden the fire got big. Like huge. All at once Caro's art project was blazing to the ground. Laughter began. Have you ever tried to blow something out while laughing? I can't even talk while laughing. Galarde is rocking back and forth in peels of laughter as Caro is frantically trying to blow but is unsuccessful in making the fire disapear.

Dana runs out of the house frenzied over the fire. She sees the flames and thinks the Phi Mu house is burning. As the fire finally goes out the city is gone. All that's left are the ashes from the paper buildings.

Caroline's response: "Should we go to Wal Mart and get a little fire truck for the city?"

My response: "I think it's a little late for that."


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