Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Seven more days

I hate that I am going to have to discontinue this blog, temporarily. Blog writing is simply not permitted at basic training; along with everything else in life. I am going to write down my thoughts as much as I can while I am there. I will be a published author one day; just you wait and see. Lets pray that 2 months will go by really fast. In Florida, I will resume this blog.

Keep checking my facebook. My mom will have my password and login information. She will post my address in my status as soon as she hears from me.

This morning, I woke up to begin my day with one of my sister's blog, Jackie Campbell. Check it out! Anyways, she talked about the simple things in life such as; morning coffee, and sunshine in the Carolina's. She's right; coffee in the morning is my blessing.

God, how I am going to miss coffee! I could be in Switzerland, freezing my butt off, but that cup of coffee in my hand would make everything ok. Lots of people told me I should stop drinking coffee to wean myself off of it before I go to basic. I think I will disagree and savor every drop until it is no longer available.

Its Wednesday now. I have exactly seven days. I am thankful that God has placed the Navy in my life. I am excited to see where it takes me. I realize in basic, its going to take me through hell and back again. Well, bring it! I'm ready...or as ready as I'll ever be.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

burning fiasco

Today Galarde and I helped Caroline with her art project. The assignment was to make a 3D city out of paper. After painting the base and gluing all of the buildings down, Caro, Galarde and I walked outside the Phi Mu with a lighter in hand. If everyone in the class has the same assignment, Caro's had to have an edge to it. The idea was to burn some of the edges of the buildings to make the city look smoldered and burnt.
One should always be careful when playing with fire; this I have discovered. All was going as planned as we lit leaves on fire and blew them out to creat a charcoaled look around the base of the buildings. It took a really long time for fire to ignite. We blazed the tops of the buildings making the paper buildings sizzle in uneven edges. As soon as Caro lit the tops of the buildings with the lighter, Galarde's job was to blow the fire out. I also, helped with this job. It was a tedious task because we only blew the fire out when the artist, Caroline, told us it was appropriatly burnt. This part was fun.

As Caro is lighting and we are blowing the blaze out, all of a sudden the fire got big. Like huge. All at once Caro's art project was blazing to the ground. Laughter began. Have you ever tried to blow something out while laughing? I can't even talk while laughing. Galarde is rocking back and forth in peels of laughter as Caro is frantically trying to blow but is unsuccessful in making the fire disapear.

Dana runs out of the house frenzied over the fire. She sees the flames and thinks the Phi Mu house is burning. As the fire finally goes out the city is gone. All that's left are the ashes from the paper buildings.

Caroline's response: "Should we go to Wal Mart and get a little fire truck for the city?"

My response: "I think it's a little late for that."


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Combat Boots

Ok, so I am kind of freaking out. I enlisted into the military-- the Navy specifically. I'm going to basic training in two weeks. That's right, two weeks! I went through MEPS last Wednesday and choose a job that leaves in two weeks. I think I am crazy. I am terrified for boot camp to begin.

All this time I expected to leave maybe June or July. You know, have a nice summer laying out by the river. My only worry in the world would be to get as tan as I could. Well, surprise! I have exactly two weeks to push myself as far as I can physically. I sort of stopped working out over the holidays to study for that stupid test. It was so cold outside. Well, now I regret not being as active as I should have been for the last month. Now I have to kick it into high gear to be ready for March 2nd. I'm terrified. They are going to yell at me hard core. I know I will collapse while trying to do push ups.

I'm excited though! My job is something called Aviation Ordnanceman. This consists of loading bombs and artillery onto different types of aircraft. I know absolutely nothing about guns or weapons. This is a huge leap for me. Cross your fingers that I will excel at this job and enjoy it. I can't wait to devote five years to someone else for awhile. "To lend to those less fortunate a helping hand" I want to help others and be there for my country. After five years of doing as much as I can for others, then I'll be ready to focus on me. And hopefully know what I want to do for the rest of my life professionally.

So I may have to put this blog on hold for a little while. I'll be in Great Lakes, Chicago for 8 weeks and 5 days. After I make it through basic, I'll attend A school and receive 4 weeks of specialized training.

Wish me luck! I'm trading in my cowboy boots for combat boots.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

So I know yesterday's blog was a little lame. It was just too pretty of a day outside to waste time on the computer, not to mention waste time when I'm with my Phi Mu sisters. :)

As today is Valentine's day, I'd like to wish a happy Valentine's day to all the haters wallowing in their singleness, a happy Valentine's to all of those madly in love and a happy Valentine's to people like me who couldn't care less one way or another. I'm not resentful of the holiday. I just think it is kind of dumb. Why can't you bring me chocolate every day of the week? That's what I am seeking in a valentine-chocolate every day of the week. That and maybe a steak for dinner. Let's not waste our money on all those frilly teddy bears, and flowers are nice but they eventually die.

Maybe Valentine's day was more fun when I was a little girl. Look back to the days when you recieved a party during class, and a guranteed 26 valentines from everyone in class. Remember the days? I remember all the power ranger, ninja turtles, and princess cards. And I remember the feeling of being so full of sugar, choclate and candy, I swore off eating frosting out of the jar ever again.

Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure on Valentine's day gifts. Wal Mart probably has two rows devoted only to Valentine's day. Rows and rows of cards exsist- sappy, funny, name it. And Hallmark, seriously? I think you are going a bit far with cards that light up, talk and sing. Sometimes, things are best said simply stated without flashing lights in the background.

As much as the holiday is built up around gifts and random stuff I enjoy the glimpse of moments. I enjoy watching a man try and pick a lock so that he can break into her room and his girlfriend will be surprised with flowers. It is nice seeing friend's open up cards and smile. I even enjoy recieving a Valentine's day call from my dad in Florida. So America, keep it up! This Valentine's day don't forget to tell someone you care about them.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Funday

It is beautiful outside. My life is blessed today as I surround myself with sisters at Western. I couldn't ask for anything more. Days like this make me think how hard its going to be to leave everyone behind for a little while.

Today is the day to spend outside with the windows down and the radio on. Here are my song choices for today.

Eric Church- Livin' Part of Life

Shenandoah- Sittin' Next to You (song choice for life)

Garth Brooks- Friends in Low Places

Dierks Bentley- How am I Doin'

And Summer Girl by Leighton Meester

Cause' who needs a boyfriend, I've got my girlfriends!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'll keep my calculator handy, thanks!

Today, things are going my way! I passed my test for the navy. It's been awhile since I've posted. (I know, I know!) I've been busy trying to find X. Anyways, this test consisted of three parts: mechanical comprehension, paragraph comprehension and mathematical concepts. The first two, I'm golden on! I can pull big words out of nowhere and use them correctly. And who doesn't know how a pulley system and levers works. Clearly, these two sections use common sense. Math, however...what the hell is half of the stuff I saw on the test today?

I'm an avid shopper, so percents and interest equations don't intimidate me. I also can add and subtract money with no hesitation, but please explain to me...what the hell is a factorial? And how is it going to help me in life?

Or my favorite word problems go something like this--Two trains are coming from opposites directions, one is going 45 miles per hour the other 60, at what point will they crash? Well, my answer would be, "Why can't each train have its own track."

And why do I need to know what angle X is if Y is 60 degrees? Really? In the real, if I needed to know an angle measurement, I think we have some kind of tool that tells us the answer in like two second. Its called a protractor.

Oh and what about questions like this, "There are twelve m&m's in a bag. 4 green, 2 blue and 6 brown. What is the probability that you will pick a brown one?" I was under the impression that they all tasted the same. So, who cares?

These days the whole world does everything with technology, computers and calculators. I can go online and type something into an formula without ever lifting a pen. If I had it my way, fractions wouldn't exist. Honestly, I think I could survive without them. For all the math teachers out there, I extol you! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and energy. But you need to know, that children are getting left behind. Not everyone gets it! And some of us graduate college, content with circling X on the page when asked to find it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Days like today

I told my Mom I needed to stop and buy sunglasses for my six hour drive. I guess the rain is God's way of saying, I don't need to buy sunglasses today. Regardless, days like today are meant for curling up in bed with a good book, not driving.

People don't know how to drive in the rain. What idiot in their right mind doesn't turn their lights on when its raining? It makes things all the more complicated, when  they decide to speed up, then slow down, then speed up! And I get to spend the afternoon squinting to try and see where they are.

After my long road trip, I had to run into Target today to get some resume paper. Of all days to drop my purse, guess who decided to do that today. Yes, in the middle of the road, all of my belongings are now drenched. And the honking was not appreciated. I picked everything up as fast as I could, thank you very much!

On a more positive note, I have an interview tomorrow with Commander Peterson for the Supply Corps Officer position with the Navy. Wish me luck. I think my organizational skills are a great match for this position.

I'll make tomorrow's post more interesting, promise. I'm on my way to find a couch, coffee and a lifetime movie, and pajama bottoms. Interruptions will not be accepted.

Happy Friday to all!