Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

So I know yesterday's blog was a little lame. It was just too pretty of a day outside to waste time on the computer, not to mention waste time when I'm with my Phi Mu sisters. :)

As today is Valentine's day, I'd like to wish a happy Valentine's day to all the haters wallowing in their singleness, a happy Valentine's to all of those madly in love and a happy Valentine's to people like me who couldn't care less one way or another. I'm not resentful of the holiday. I just think it is kind of dumb. Why can't you bring me chocolate every day of the week? That's what I am seeking in a valentine-chocolate every day of the week. That and maybe a steak for dinner. Let's not waste our money on all those frilly teddy bears, and flowers are nice but they eventually die.

Maybe Valentine's day was more fun when I was a little girl. Look back to the days when you recieved a party during class, and a guranteed 26 valentines from everyone in class. Remember the days? I remember all the power ranger, ninja turtles, and princess cards. And I remember the feeling of being so full of sugar, choclate and candy, I swore off eating frosting out of the jar ever again.

Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure on Valentine's day gifts. Wal Mart probably has two rows devoted only to Valentine's day. Rows and rows of cards exsist- sappy, funny, name it. And Hallmark, seriously? I think you are going a bit far with cards that light up, talk and sing. Sometimes, things are best said simply stated without flashing lights in the background.

As much as the holiday is built up around gifts and random stuff I enjoy the glimpse of moments. I enjoy watching a man try and pick a lock so that he can break into her room and his girlfriend will be surprised with flowers. It is nice seeing friend's open up cards and smile. I even enjoy recieving a Valentine's day call from my dad in Florida. So America, keep it up! This Valentine's day don't forget to tell someone you care about them.


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